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Ecklee Bakery

Our in-house bakery holds tightly to the essence of traditional Arabic baking methods. Using time-honored stone and clay tandoor ovens, we've mastered the craft of creating authentic breads and pastries. Each step of our baking process is steeped in the meticulous art of traditional Middle Eastern bread making, ensuring the authenticity of taste, texture, and aroma - Best served hot!

Stone Baked to perfection

Ecklee's in-house bakery proudly holds the distinction of being the first to introduce fresh Arabic naan bread and Iraqi sumoun bread to the local community.

Our passion for crafting bread and pastries goes beyond simply baking. It's about preserving a rich heritage of culinary traditions, and bringing the exotic and alluring flavours of the Middle East into your everyday lives.


When you step into our bakery, you aren't just buying bread; you're taking home a piece of Middle Eastern culture, expertly baked into every bite. Freshness is not just an option, but a promise we deliver every day. Each morning, our in-house bakery comes alive with the aroma of our bread and pastries being baked fresh, ready for you to enjoy throughout the day.

So whether you're craving the soft warmth of fresh naan bread, the fragrant allure of sumoun, or the indulgent delicacy of our pastries, Ecklee offers you the chance to experience the taste of the Middle East, right here in the heart of your local community.

From the soft and warm naan bread, the perfect accompaniment to your dinner, enhancing every bite with its gentle, airy texture, to the delightful pocket pastries, our offerings are versatile. These pastries, filled with various scrumptious ingredients, serve as an ideal solution for a quick snack on the go, satisfying your cravings in the most delicious way possible.


And let's not overlook the smallest members of your family! Our pocket-sized pastries are a firm favourite among kids, their perfectly-sized portions and mouthwatering flavours are sure to bring a smile to their faces.


So, whether you're planning a family dinner, in need of a quick snack, or simply want to indulge your kids with a healthy snack, Ecklee’s freshly-baked delights are ready to serve. 

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